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True Piety is NOT Weakness

Saint Francis of Sales, though one of the gentlest of the saints of God, knew how to defend himself from the swords of his enemies in the day of danger.

As a young man, the great saint took up residence in Padua, where his father sent him to pursue his studies. It happened that certain young men, who seemed to live for no other purpose than to gratify their evil passions, were offended at his humility and meekness. These virtues were a condemnation of their own sinful ways.

They mocked the holy youth behind his back, attributing his good conduct to cowardice and effeminacy. In their wicked hearts they formed the design of waylaying him and giving him a severe beating. To accomplish their design, they made plans for an ambush. They took up arms and hid in a thicket which the saintly youth had to pass on his return to his house.

They, knowing his habitual gentleness, imagined that he would offer them no resistance, and that, after having beaten him severely, they would be able, by running speedily away.

But in this they deceived themselves, for they had forgotten, or perhaps were not aware,that the virtue of religion which teaches meekness and humility of heart inspires also courage and intrepidity in the hour of need.

When Saint Francis had reached the spot where his assailants were waiting, they rushed out to attack him unawares, and began by trying to raise a quarrel; then they called him names, and finding all these of no avail to provoke him to anger, they prepared to inflict on him the bodily cruelties they had previously designed. But the pious youth, knowing that here he owed himself the duty to resist, promptly drew his sword.

Brandishing it over his cowardly aggressors, he caused them to beat a hasty retreat. Saint Francis pursued them for a time, then—surprise. Realizing their own danger, his attackers turned to him trembling in confusion. Falling to their knees, they implored the saint’s forgiveness, and promised never to repeat such unpardonable conduct.

Taken from The Catechism in Examples, Vol. III by the Rev. D. Chisholm, pp. 273-275.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Paris Attack - Satanic Islam and Satanic Rock Music

by Luiz Sérgio Solimeo

Terrorism in Paris - Satanic Islamic Hatred and Apostate Christian Satanic Worship

On Friday, November 13th, Islamic terrorists carried out a concerted attack at several places in Paris with automatic rifles and suicide bombers leaving 130 dead and 368 injured, many seriously. The self-proclaimed Islamic State organization (ISIS) has claimed responsibility for the attack.[1]

Satanic Nature of the Paris Show
Among the various places targeted in the attacks, the one that caused the most victims ─ 89 dead and over 200 injured ─ was at the Bataclan theater, where an American rock band, the Eagles of Death Metal, was performing.

The satanic character of death metal rock has been greatly emphasized by Christian writers and by music critics. The shrill sound, cacophonous melody and psychedelic lights create an ambience of violent exaltation and irrationality. Added to this mix, already conducive to diabolic infestation, are anti-Christian and often explicitly satanic lyrics.

At the moment the Islamic terrorists began the Bataclan massacre, the Eagles of Death Metal band were beginning to play the satanic song Kiss the Devil, which continually repeats: Who’ll love the devil?… Who’ll sing his song?… Who will love the devil and his song?… I’ll love the devil!… I’ll sing his song! And ends by proclaiming: I WILL LOVE THE DEVIL AND SING HIS SONG! (our emphasis).

At the moment the Islamic terrorists began the Bataclan massacre, the Eagles of Death Metal band were beginning to play the satanic song Kiss the Devil,which continually repeats: Who’ll love the devil? Who’ll kiss the devil? Who’ll sing his song?…
Photo: “Lucifer, King of Hell” engraving by Gustave Doré illustrating Canto XXXIV of Divine Comedy, Inferno.

Nonchalance Facing the Satanic Music and Show
But let us see what eyewitnesses are saying about the event. Here is a testimony given to the Paris daily Le Figaro by a 43-year-old couple ─ parents of two girls who stayed with their grandmother:

We [Celia and Benjamin] arrived at the Bataclan around 8:30 P.M.The show started around 9:00 P.M. We were near the bar, close to the entrance. We remained standing; the Bataclan was bursting at the seams. Some people sat on the balcony floor. It’s a pretty fun rock band; the audience was between 20 and 50 years old. Some parents brought their teens. The atmosphere was very jovial. The band played for about an hour. They had just sung “We love you Paris” and had begun the “Kiss the Devil” song with the words: “I Meet the Devil and this is His[sic] Song” when we heard very clearly detonations behind the front entrance [our emphasis]. Celia: “Since the show was funny I thought it was firecrackers and as I don’t like them I moved away from Benjamin to the right. Something hit me from behind, and much later I saw that it was shrapnel from a bullet.”

Among the various places targeted by the Islamic terrorists in the Paris attacks, was the Bataclan theater, where an American rock band, the Eagles of Death Metal, was performing.
Photo credit: Bataclan theater, Paris, France by jxandreani, taken Apr.3, 2009. Licensed under cc-by-2.0.

It is terrifying to see the ease with which this mother of a family describes the show as fun and refers unaffectedly to a song praising the devil! As far as she is concerned, there is nothing unusual about “kissing the devil.” The fact this happens in a nominally Catholic country such as France goes to show how faded the true religion has become in the land of the “first born daughter of the Church,” the land of Saint Joan of Arc!

The Flip Side of the Coin: the Satanic Hatred of Islamist Terrorists
That is one side of the coin. Let us now look at the other: the satanic hatred of Islamist terrorists.

The hatred of Muslim terrorists for Christianity has manifested itself in inhumane acts against Christians such as beheadings, crucifixions, and destruction of churches. And now, in the brutality of the Paris attacks.

This hatred finds its justification in the teachings of the Koran and its commentators.

Indeed, the Koran denies the fundamental dogma of Christianity, which is the Holy Trinity.

The Koran denies the fundamental dogma of Christianity, which is the Holy Trinity. According to Islam, Christians are polytheistic, and as such, are subject to the most grievous of penalties.

According to Islam, Christians are polytheistic because they believe in the Holy Trinity. The Son and the Holy Spirit are supposedly “gods” worshiped together with the one God, Allah. Christians are thus labeled as “polytheists” or “associators” (those who associate other gods ─ namely, the Holy Trinity ─ to Allah).

Thus, for example, Sura 4.171 says: “So believe in Allah and His messengers, and say not ‘Three’. Cease! (it is) better for you! Allah is only One God.” And Sura 5, verse 73 says: “They do blaspheme who say: God is one of three in a Trinity: for there is no god except One God. If they desist not from their word (of blasphemy), verily a grievous penalty will befall the blasphemers among them [our emphasis].”

The Koran denies the divinity of Jesus in various other passages, presenting Him merely as a prophet inferior to Mohammed.

“Kill Polytheists Wherever You Find Them”
What is the consequence? ─ Death to “blasphemers” and “polytheists”!

That is what Sura 9:5 prescribes: “Then, when the sacred months have passed, kill the polytheists wherever you find them, capture them and besiege them, and lie in wait for them at every ambush. But if they repent, and maintain the prayer and give the zakāt then let them alone. Indeed Allah is all-forgiving, all-merciful [our emphasis].”

Needless to say, “all-forgiving, all-merciful” only if “the polytheists” convert to Islam… (our emphasis).

Satanic Hatred for Life
Suicide-bombing as a weapon of destruction is said to be based on the belief that one who dies in the defense or expansion of Islam would be a martyr and receive 72 virgins as recompense in paradise.

London’s daily The Guardian reports:

In August, 2001, the American television channel CBS aired an interview with a Hamas activist Muhammad Abu Wardeh, who recruited terrorists for suicide bombings in Israel. Abu Wardeh was quoted as saying: “I described to him how God would compensate the martyr for sacrificing his life for his land. If you become a martyr, God will give you 70 virgins, 70 wives and everlasting happiness [our emphasis].”

Self-exploding to kill others, especially innocent persons, has nothing to do with the true notion of martyrdom but is entirely consistent with satanic hatred for life.  For Jesus called the devil a “murderer from the beginning” (John 8:44).

These are a few considerations about the attacks by Muslim terrorists in Paris.  There is a commonality between satanic hatred against Christianity and the near-worship of the devil manifested at the Death Metal show presumably being given and attended mostly by Christians or former Christians.


For an analysis of ISIS doctrine, see Robert Spencer’s The Complete Infidel’s Guide to ISIS.

Wearing the Miraculous Medal means placing oneself under the protection of the Most Holy Virgin

Mary will be proclaimed

Queen of the Universe Confirming the predictions of Saint Louis Grignion de Montfort,  Saint Catherine says that the Most Holy Virgin will be proclaimed Queen of the Universe: “Oh! how beautiful it will be to hear: Mary is the Queen of the Universe. The children and everyone will cry with joy and rapture.

That will be a lasting era of peace and happiness. She will be displayed on standards and paraded all over the world.”

Let us pray: O Most Holy Virgin, O my Mother, obtain for me the graces I am asking of thee and inspire me, above all, to pray for the graces that thou most wants to grant me.

Our Father, Hail Mary & Glory Be...

O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee!

About the Miraculous Medal

In 1830, during the apparitions in the chapel on Rue du Bac in Paris, the Holy Virgin presented the Miraculous Medal to Saint Catherine Labouré: “Those who wear it, blessed, around their neck will receive great graces. The graces will be abundant for those who wear it with confidence.”

At the time of Saint Catherine Labouré’s death, the distribution of the medal in the world had surpassed the one billion mark. The innumerable conversions, cures and cases of extraordinary protection, quickly lead to its being called the “Miraculous Medal.”

Wearing and disseminating the Miraculous Medal means placing oneself under the protection of the Most Holy Virgin. It means placing oneself under the sign of the Immaculate and taking a stand in face of the troubles and indifference affecting the modern world.

“The whole world will be overwhelmed by misfortunes of all kinds... All will seem lost, but I shall be with you,” the Holy Virgin promised Saint Catherine, who repeated this prophecy till the end of her life.  The rays coming from Our Lady’s hands symbolize the graces she obtains for everyone who prays to her with confidence.

Miracles of the Miraculous Medal & The Conversion of the Jewish Banker Alphonse Ratisbonne


Born in 1814, Alphonse Ratisbonne was from a family of wealthy, well-known Jewish bankers in Strasbourg, France. In 1827, Alphonse’s older brother, Thèodore, converted to Catholicism and entered the priesthood, thus breaking with his anti-Catholic family whose hopes now lay in the young Alphonse. At 27, Alphonse was intelligent and well mannered. He had already finished his law degree, and decided to travel to Italy before marrying and assuming his responsibilities in the family business. However, God had other plans for him.

While in Rome, Alphonse visited works of art, and strictly out of cultural curiosity, a few Catholic churches. These visits hardened his anti-Catholic stance, and nourished his profound hatred for the Church. He also called on an old schoolmate and close friend, Gustave de Bussières.

Gustave was a Protestant and several times had tried, in vain, to win Alphonse over to his religious convictions. Alphonse was introduced to Gustave’s brother, Baron de Bussières, who had recently converted to Catholicism and become a close friend of Father Thèodore Ratisbonne. Because of the Baron’s Catholicism and closeness with his turncoat brother, Alphonse greatly disliked him.

On the eve of his departure, Alphonse reluctantly fulfilled his social obligation to leave his calling card at the Baron’s house as a farewell gesture.

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Hoping to avoid a meeting, Alphonse intended to leave his card discreetly and depart straight away, but was instead shown into the house. The Baron greeted the young Jew warmly, and before long, had persuaded him to remain a few more days in Rome. Inspired by grace, the Baron insisted Alphonse accept a Miraculous Medal and copy down a beautiful prayer: the Memorare. Alphonse could hardly contain his anger at his host’s boldness of proposing these things to him, but decided to take everything good-heartedly, planning to later describe the Baron as an eccentric.

During Alphonse’s stay, the Baron’s close friend, Count de La Ferronays, former French ambassador to the Holy See and a man of great virtue and piety, died quite suddenly. On the eve of his death, the Baron had asked the Count to pray the Memorare one hundred times for Alphonse’s conversion. It is possible that he offered his life to God for the conversion of the young Jewish banker.

A few days later, the Baron went to the church of Sant’Andrea delle Fratte to arrange for his friend’s funeral. Alphonse reluctantly went with him, all the while making violent criticisms of the Church and mocking Catholic practices. When they arrived, the Baron entered the sacristy to arrange the funeral while Alphonse remained in the church.

When the Baron returned just a few minutes later, the young man was gone. He searched the church, and soon discovered his

young friend kneeling close to an altar, weeping. 

Alphonse himself tells us what happened in those few minutes he waited for the Baron: “I had only been in the church a short while when, all of a sudden, I felt totally uneasy for no apparent reason. I raised my eyes and saw that the whole building had disappeared. Only one side chapel had, so to say, gathered all the light. In the midst of this splendor, the Virgin Mary appeared standing on the altar. She was grandiose, brilliant, full of majesty and sweetness, just as she is in the Miraculous Medal. An irresistible force attracted me to her. The Virgin made a gesture with her hand indicating I was to kneel.”

When de Bussières talked to Alphonse, he no longer found a Jew, but a convert who ardently desired baptism. The news of such an unexpected conversion immediately spread and caused a great commotion throughout Europe, and Pope Gregory XVI received the young convert, paternally. He ordered a detailed investigation with the rigor required by canon law, and concluded that the occurrence was a truly authentic miracle.

Alphonse took the name Maria Alphonse at baptism, and, wishing to become a priest, was ordained a Jesuit in 1847. After some time, and at the suggestion of Pope Pius IX, he left the Jesuits and joined his brother Thèodore in founding the Congregation of Our Lady of Sion, dedicated to the conversion of the Jews. Father Theodore spread his congregation throughout France and England, while Father Maria Alphonse went to the Holy Land. In Jerusalem, he established a house of the congregation on the plot of land where the praetorium of Pilate had formerly stood.

The two brothers died in 1884, both famed and well-loved for their exceptional virtues.

By Armando Santos

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Thanksgiving Thought -- Why is gratitude such a difficult virtue?


I am sure you remember the story in the Gospel about the 10 lepers that Our Lord cured.  Only 1 came back to thank Him.  Surprising?

Imagine.... that you are suffering from a terminal illness with 6 months left to live.

I know it sounds dreadful but just picture it for a moment.

You have prepared your family and friends and arranged your final will…

…you look around your surroundings and you realize that soon you will not see any of it any more.

The thought of dying and leaving all your friends and loved ones behind is constantly on your mind and it overwhelms you.

Day after day you sit on your porch and find yourself listing all the things you wish you had done for people and for God… but your life will soon be over, time is running out.

You weep over and over on your own…   Death stares you in the face and every day it comes a little closer.  You are frightened and scared. Really scared!

And then, one blessed day you run into a holy man. He looks at you and feels pity on you. He approaches and touches you and soon you feel different. You go to the doctor and, after a series of tests, you are given a clean bill of health, your illness is gone. And in fact, the doctor tells you that you are healthier than ever before.

Imagine your reaction:  shock, followed by disbelief.  Then joy and amazement! 

A few days later, you receive the official medical report in the mail confirming what the doctor told you at the hospital.

You again sit on your porch and it slowly begins to sink in.  You begin smiling to yourself and tears of joy run down your face.

Then you rush to the phone and begin calling all your family and friends to share the wonderful news with them.

But then, what would be the next thing you would do?

The answer is obvious. “I need to go thank the man who cured me.  I will be indebted to this man forever.  Where is He?”

This would be the right and the just thing to do! 

But this was not what the 9 lepers did.  Unfortunately, such ingratitude is quite common for human nature.

My dear friend, this Thanksgiving I would like to be bold enough to suggest something to you. It is only a suggestion from a brother in the Faith.

Find a quiet moment by yourself and make a list of all the things you should thank God for.  Write them all down and keep the list near your bed. You may find days in the future when it will profit you spiritually to read the list to yourself again and maybe even add a thing or two to it.

Also, I want to share with you a couple of articles about Gratitude that may help you.

And last but not least, I have my own list of gratitude and it includes all my friends like you at America Needs Fatima. It also includes 14,108 Public Rosary Rallies this year and so many other opportunities to fight for the honor of Jesus and Mary which I am only able to do with your help and support.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

And please remember to take a moment to thank those around you who deserve your gratitude.  Wishing you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving,

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Stop the Madness of Un-Thanksgiving

by John Horvat II

As we gear up for the Thanksgiving holidays, many are preparing to engage in a strange new ritual that is crowding out the traditional turkey and pumpkin pie. The ritual, of course, is the extension of Black Friday shopping into Thanksgiving Day.

It is a practice so shocking that we might as well create a new holiday—un-Thanksgiving—since nothing could be more contrary to the intention of the real holiday than its present evolution.

This year, media will again report on frenzied shoppers mobbing retail stores in search of super bargains. People will camp out in front of giant box stores for hours on end to get the jump on their fellow bargain hunters. Indeed, there is the extreme case of some fanatical California shoppers camping out at Best Buy a full twenty-two days ahead of the un-Thanksgiving stampede.

Undoubtedly, such shoppers will find bargains. And retailers will also be making lots of money. But the new un-holiday is not about bargains. It’s about joining in the frenzy. It’s about the thrill of entering into a culture of unrestraint. ”Joining in the frenzy” has been with us for a long time. It is a manifestation of a deeper problem that has long plagued our culture. There is what might be called a restless spirit of frenetic intemperance inside modern economy that helps destroy limits, break down traditional institutions (like Thanksgiving) and encourage instant gratification.

Un-Thanksgiving just takes this experience to new depths. In this new buying binge, we see more clearly the terrifying consequences of our extreme individualism that leads people to enter, to paraphrase Hobbes, into a veritable “war of every shopper against every shopper.” We sense the frustrating burden of materialism that compels shoppers to buy the latest and greatest gadgets that will eventually clutter their basements and garages. There is the paradox of celebrating a bland and sterile secularism on a day set aside to thank God for His blessings.

The result of this “joining in the frenzy” is that we are losing that human element so essential to life together in society. Things are becoming cold and impersonal, fast and frantic, bland and superficial. Un-Thanksgiving is not just a shopping spree; it’s a brutal celebration of this cold, frenetic spirit.

There are three reasons that might be cited to explain why this un-holiday has only appeared now.  

The first is because of the ever-accelerating pace of life. In our culture of unrestraint, everyone must have everything, now, instantly, effortlessly. Marketers have ramped up the calendar to sell things earlier. Technology has responded with newer and faster ways to spend the money we often don’t have. Ironically, un-Thanksgiving is made possible by i-Phones, i-pads and so many uberdevices that facilitate our mad rush to experience life ever faster…and that are sold at giant discounts on a now Black Thursday.

The second reason is more profound. Un-Thanksgiving involves “joining in the frenzy,” which speeds us up. Real Thanksgiving is about connecting with family, community and church that slows us down.

Indeed, the sad state of our social institutions is what makes this frantic un-holiday possible. When family ties wither, mature adults can spend twenty-two days camped out in front of Best Buy to get gadgets “to die for,” rather than stay home and cultivate values to live for.

On the contrary, Thanksgiving happens when the norm of life is for each individual to belong to a family, community and parish church. Then, traditions, customs, habits, and ways of being can be passed down from generation to generation. These three social anchors provide a solid mooring for a “Thanksgiving” society.

Today, these institutions are no longer anchors, but options. The present culture encourages so many to opt-out of all three. At the same time, we are all pressured to accept the option of “joining in the frenzy.” We have now reached that tragic tipping point where frenzy can compete with tradition…and tradition often loses.

The final and most important reason why this un-holiday has appeared is because our secular society has effectively dethroned God to whom we should render our thanksgiving. A politically correct tyranny has exiled God from the public square, the school and workplace. Even in the home, God is often ignored amid the rush of everyday life. When God is no longer the object of our longings, the spiritual vacuum will be filled by material idols found in our shopping-mall temples on major un-feast days.

Fortunately, the notion of Thanksgiving still resonates in the hearts of many Americans. They deplore the exploitation of the holiday and seek a return to order. However, it is not enough to simply return to the turkey and fixings. Rather, we must stop “joining in the frenzy” that destroys economies and cultures.

We must reconnect, give thanks and have recourse to God and call upon His blessings
As pubished on Spero News.

"NO Smartphones at my Thanksgiving"

When you’re talking to someone, how do you feel when they ignore you to check their smartphone?

I personally can’t stand it. And I hope that at your Thanksgiving dinner there are no guests who interrupt the conversation by checking their smartphones.

On the issue of smartphones, you may find interesting facts to fill your Thanksgiving conversation here:

The Smartphone: A Double-Edged Sword

Actually, for a very hot topic of conversation for Thanksgiving, take a look at this:

What Saint Thomas Says About Immigration

It’s the most popular article right now on the Return to Order website.

Another tragic topic is the spread of Satanism in America.

In this line, we’re promoting a protest and petition drive against the new show Lucifer planned by Fox. Please sign and spread this urgent petition:

Tell Fox TV to Cancel Lucifer

Finally, and most importantly, we turn to Almighty God on this Thanksgiving in prayer and gratitude for all of His blessings.

I wish that you and your family have a Thanksgiving Day that is abundantly blessed.